Welina Hou.

I want to get right into the review by saying I LOVE SARAH DESSEN ! Her books are filled with such tragedy and love that it brings you on an emotional roller coaster. This is the first book that I’ve read by her in about 6 months and I’ve got to say…. It’s good to be back. This book in particular touched a deep part of my soul.

I have a love of music that surpasses any other passion I posses. “Just Listen” by Sarah Dessen is filled with an extraordinary, unique type of music that matches each and every main character. Annabel Greene has adapted the “perfect girl” role that everyone but herself seems to accept as true, however once her life becomes a crashing mess then her mind does the same thing. That’s when she learns of the power of music from Owen Armstrong, but from him she also learns of the power of silent love. I know what you’re thinking, “Oh, this is another steamy love book that’s so cheesy and boring.” But let me tell you this is so much farther from that. It brought me to examine my own life and the way that I judge people by the way that they look, not only people but also music. Sometimes we judge music by it’s title and to be honest sometimes I do it too . We don’t always take the time to just appreciate the music of the sound . ( NO, I’m not trying to say the Sound of Music). However, this book changed my whole view on that subject. It also made me think about love in a different way. Made me realize that you’ll never realize how empty you are without the person you love and that sometimes in life the person closest in our lives are usually the most influential. They change the way we look at ourselves and the world. “Just Listen” in my opinion is a must-read because it gives you that sense of romance while also showing the reality side of it because not everything turns out perfect . 


Betty Bookster 

(Cover picture courtesy of Goodreads.com)


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